About OpenTopCart

OpenTopCart is the shopping cart solution for Chinese ecommerce agents in other countries. It helps agents to build their own Taobao/Tmall/JD agent shopping cart websites in their own languages and currencies, and these agents could help the end consumers to buy cheap but good products from China directly and pay with their own preferable payment ways.

OpenTopCart is developed based on OpenCart, TOP means Taobao Open Platform which is the initial platform we started with then extended to Tmall, Paipai and JD(Paipai is now being operated by JD), we also expect our shopping cart solution to be TOP ones in the world while we stand on the shoulder of giant OpenCart.

OpenTopcart project has started from 2012 in the company of WuhuW, WuhuW is a native Chinese company specializes in web development, ecommerce solutions and internet marketing. We believe we know better about Chinese ecommerce industry and market. We are eager to help agents from other countries to buy from China and break the barriers of language and payment.

We know you know better about your country and customers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your innovative ideas, we are all ears

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